Third place for The BarBeeQ's team at the International German Grill & BBQ Championships 2023 in Stuttgart!

Congratulations to the team and we are proud that the BarBeeQ's recommend Cox Sauces!

Chef, European BBQ Champion & Event Chef Thomas Ellwanger is also a fan of our sauces

Quote: "Without flavor enhancers and thickeners, Cox BBQ sauces taste natural and especially intense. Like a good home-cooked barbecue sauce. Since they are vegan you can use them flexibly for meatless dishes."

Thomas Ellwanger was named one of Austria's top 50 chefs. He is on the road throughout Europe as an event chef and with his pop up restaurant concept INN:TIROL.
If you want to learn more about Thomas, just visit his website or let yourself be spoiled with culinary delights at one of his events!

Here are links to Thomas on the web:
Thomas' Website
Thomas auf Instagram